Nightjar Tour is an Ethiopian based travel company running tours to the diverse cultural and natural attractions of Ethiopia and the neighboring countries in east Africa.

At the heart of the attractions of Ethiopia lies its cultural diversity reflected in the diverse way of life, housing, religious practice, ritual, costume, body decoration and cuisine. The Omo Valley stands out as the most diverse and colourful part of Ethiopia. Meeting the people of the Omo Valley and attending the Hamers’ cattle jumping ceremony is a once in a life time experience. The Omo Valley is also the home of the legendary Mursi people where the women decorate themselves with clay lip plates.

Being the land of one of the oldest Christian traditions on earth, Ethiopia boasts numerous ancient churches and monasteries. At the top of the list come the rock churches of Lalibela. In no other part of the world can one see such refined monolithic churches. The largest of them is, in fact, the largest rock hewn church in the world. It is also in Lalibela we get the most photographed church in Ethiopia, the cruciform Bete Gyorgis. For art lovers Ethiopia offers beautifully painted churches in the Tigray, Gondar and Lake Tana regions.

Attending the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s religious festivals like Timqet (Baptism) and Mesqel (commemoration of the finding of the True Cross) which attract thousands of believers are very moving experiences for a visitor.

Ethiopia is one of the countries where Islam found a home in its early days. The walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia claims to be one of the earliest Muslim cities in the world. Walking in the narrow alleyways of the old city of Harar is to walk back in time.

Concerning the natural fauna and flora of the country, it is essential to travel to the Bale and Simen Mountains of Ethiopia to see Ethiopia’s indigenous mammals including the Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Walya Ibex and Gelada Baboon (Mountain Monkey). For the serious bird watcher a tour in Ethiopia is a must as this country boasts more than 900 species of which nearly 20 are indigenous. The Denakil Depression, where we have one of the lowest places on earth and a permanent lava lake, is one of the natural wonders of Ethiopia; this must represent a “once in a life time” experience.

What is unique about Nightjar Tour?

The talks we give at the beginning or the end of a tour make us different from any other travel company in Ethiopia. Every group meets in Addis Ababa (often shortened simply to Addis) for talks, which including Power Point illustrations, on topics relevant to that particular tour. These talks are intended to furnish background information to appreciate Ethiopia better. (Talks)

During the tours as well we strive to assist travellers to get a deeper understanding of Ethiopia. In the Omo Valley we not only take travellers to markets and villages but also to private homes so that they can appreciate the way of life of the people and enjoy person to person interaction.

When we take you to Ethiopian decorated churches we do not merely describe their murals but we outline the evolution of church art in Ethiopia and analyze and interpret their iconography and style.

During your stay in Ethiopia we make sure you get firsthand experience of local life. Here Gayto, a Hamer woman near Turmi, is introducing travellers to Hamer coffee in her home. Hamer coffee is basically coffee husk boiled in big clay pot (to the right of Gayto) and served in a calabash. Many find the Hamer coffee refreshing.

 We would like to announce that beginning from November 2019 we run escorted tours of Ethiopia from the USA in collaboration with an American based tour company: www.scopiatours.com/Ethiopia2019


Dear Dawit, Let me thank you for your masterful performance as tour guide; we learned far more about Ethiopia than we had expected.  Cordially,

M. Crawford Young
Professor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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